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Asli Maharaja Burger

Asli Maharaja Burger

1 Portion

succeed easily 15 Minutes



for the recipe Asli Maharaja Burger


200 ml Vegetable Oil
2 Burger Patties (Frozen)
5 tbsp Dr. Oetker FunFoods Mayonnaise Burger
1 Burger Bun (Large, cut horizontally into three parts)
1 Lettuce (3-4 leaves)
1 Onion (Medium, sliced)
3 - 4 Jalapeños
1 Jalapeño (3-4 slices)
1 Cheese Slice (Cheddar)
1 Tomato (Medium, sliced)




Heat oil in a kadhai (medium flame) and fry burger patty until light brown in color.


Spread 1 tbsp burger mayonnaise on each half of burger bun.


Take the first burger base, place lettuce leaves, some onions, jalapenos and a cheese slice and a dollop of mayonnaise.


Add the first patty and place 2nd base on top of the patty. Place remaining lettuce leaves, onions, Jalapeño and then patty. Add another dollop of mayo.


Close it with top half of the burger bun and serve.

Dr. Oetker products used

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