From pizzas to puddings, from cake mixes to savoury snacks, Dr. Oetker has been bringing people together to share feelgood food moments for over 130 years. And today? With a growing range of mouth-watering choices that are increasingly better for you – and the planet – we’re on a mission to make the world a happier place, one delicious bite, slice or spoonful at a time.

From our family kitchen to yours

Back in 1891, Dr. August Oetker founded our family business by opening a pharmacy in Bielefeld. His first big baking breakthrough? A ready-to-use baking powder formula that gave even inexperienced bakers the confidence to make reliably perfect cakes every time. More innovations quickly followed, like vanilla sugar, wheat starch, flavourings, dessert mixes and eventually – our world-famous frozen pizza.

More than 130 years later, we’ve remained a proudly family-owned business, despite growing into over 40 different countries. Our unwavering dedication to quality and innovation still brings people and families together, to enjoy deliciously feelgood food moments – and a little ‘taste of home’.

With you in the moments that matter

For 130 years, we’ve been empowering people all around the world to create – and share – more of the moments that really matter. Our scrumptious pizzas, cakes and desserts don’t just make for a delicious mouthful – they make the occasion, whether it’s enjoying a special moment on your own, or bringing everyone together. From after-dinner treats to pizza nights in front of the TV, or those big family gatherings that call for a celebratory bake,
Dr. Oetker helps you make the moment special.

Food enjoyment to feel good about

Dr. Oetker has always stood for quality. As our founder famously said, “Quality is seen by the company as what is demanded by the customer and consumer with regard to the products.” It’s why, for many years, “Quality is our best recipe” stood proudly as the company slogan.

Today, we believe the time is right to take our definition of quality to the next level – and start thinking more about quality of life, too. It’s why we’re continuously growing our range of ‘better for you’ – and better for the planet – choices. By launching new 100% plant-based products, making our packaging recyclable and our sourcing more sustainable, we’re lessening our carbon footprint. And, by reducing sugar and salt from our recipes, we’re working harder than ever to create products that don’t just taste good, but make you feel good about them, too.

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From humble beginnings to global success

In 1891 Dr. August Oetker founded our business by opening a pharmacy. His first innovation was a ready-to-use baking powder.

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